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Goodbye Blogger, Hello new blog!!!

Okay so, I probably should have mentioned this before hand, but I made the switch from blogger to my own hosted blog, which i'm SO excited about! but as a result, if you follow me on blogger, as of last week, my posts aren't showing up in your feed.  I LOVE the new layout and design and I think you will be too! But just to be safe, for the next little bit, i'll leave up,  and I'll make a quick post/reminder here every couple of days, with a link to my blog, HERE so that those of you who receive my feed, will know where to go, and why my posts aren't showing up:) So please, go check it out! I think you'll be just as thrilled as I am about the change! thanks!

xx Amber

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Glam Grand Giveaway

Hey girls! Some fabulous bloggers and I have decided to bring you something special today. One very lucky reader will have the chance to live glam with a grand - you'll win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below. Points will be earned for each item completed - the more you do, the closer you'll be to winning this amazing prize! The $1,000 Glam Grand Giveaway will run until midnight Friday 29th March 2013 and is open to participants worldwide. After this, the winner will be announced and contacted via email. 

So, now all you have to do is enter, go meet these other fantastic bloggers and start thinking about how you'd spend a grand. I'd love to know your ideas, share them in the comments and let's start dreaming of how to live glam!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:
The Glam Grand Giveaway is for one USD $1,000 Visa Gift Card. This giveaway is open worldwide to people aged 18 years and over. It will run from Friday 22nd March 2013 to Friday 29th March 2013. Entries will be verified, so please be honest in completing items. Once the giveaway closes, the winner will be announced on this Rafflecopter and also contacted via email. To claim your prize, please respond to the email within 72 hours, failure to do so will result in a re-draw. Once the winner has been selected, this decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into regarding this matter. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Visa or any other social media platform. Good luck!
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Spring Style

1. HERE / 2. HERE / 3. HERE / 4. HERE / 5. HERE / 6. HERE / 7. HERE / 8. HERE

It is officially Spring and I could not be more thrilled! So here are some of my favorite Spring items that I am dying to have.

As I am sure you all have seen by now (or those of you who follow me on instagram) we got a puppy!!! We technically got him (or paid for him) when he was two weeks old but of course he had to stay with his mama so we have been visiting him weekly and we finally get to pick him up in nine days!!! I am so gosh darn excited. Each time we visit it gets harder and harder to leave him. His eyes are fully open now and he is so much more playful! It is so cute because he just migrates to David, I think those two have a special connection :) He is a Golden Retriever and will be 6 weeks next Friday!!  And trust me I have LOTS of pictures and a cute video to show you all next week :)

Oh yeah and his name is Chauncey!

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New York Hat

Okay so I have something to admit.. these are the same shoes I wore in yesterdays post.. which may be a faux pas on my end but what is the point of getting a pair of shoes you can't throw on with multiple items?! Quite honestly I repeat things all the dang time.. I have worn these shoes several times in the week I have had them and I can't get over how much they spice up a plain outfit. When you don't have an endless budget for clothes you have to buy things that can be versatile! I wore my husbands poncho sweater on Sunday along with my new hat and my brother in law literally said over 5 times how ghetto I looked.
I still cannot tell if I love that he said that or dont love that he said that.. but I think I love it? 

 leggings: Windsor / shoes: c/o Chicnova / poncho: husband's from Ross 

My make up in this post: 
blush: MAC 'Ambering Rose'lipstick: Revlon 'Siren'mascaraCover Girl Lash Blast / browsCover Girl brow liner / eyelinerCover Girl Perfect Blend / foundationRevlon Photo Ready / powderBare Minerals Matte


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Sweater Dress

I hope everyone had a great weekend! David and I went camping with his brother and his wife and their son! And we also went and saw Dark Skies with some friends which terrified me the entire movie. And then on the way home David slammed on the breaks and turned on the brights and yelled acting like he ran into something and tears immediately burst out I was so dang scared haha it was quite pathetic. I hate how he can scare me at the drop of a hat and it never works when I try to scare him. One day guys.

I am sure you guys will be seeing these shoes a lot... I am kind of obsessed with them!

necklace: c/o Love Stylize / sweater: F21 (old) / sweater dress: Nordstrom / tights: Nordstrom / shoes: c/o Chicnova

My makeup used:
 blushMAC 'Margin' / mascaraCover Girl Lash Blast / browsCover Girl brow liner / eyelinerCover Girl Perfect Blend / foundationRevlon Photo Ready / powderBare Minerals Matte

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